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AKV Enterprises
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  Density devices; Atmospheric and Pressurized Fluid Balances, Hydrometers
  Viscosity Funnels and Measuring Cups
  Fluid Loss; API – LPLT & HPHT Filter Presses, Cement Fluid Loss Apparatus, and Computer Controlled, Automated Dynamic Filtration Systems
  Chemical Reagents
  Retorts and Mini-Stills for Oil, Water and Solids measurement
  Electrical Stability Testers
  Garrett Gas Train for H2S and CO2 analysis
  Resistivity Meters - Analog
  Sand Content Kits
  Brine Testing Equipment
  Turbidi Meters
  Permeability Plugging Apparatus (PPT)
   Kits; Field, Portable Laboratory, Chemical Analysis, and Specialty
  Corrosion Monitoring Equipment; Drill Pipe Ring Coupons, Flat and Rod coupons
  Roller Ovens; Laboratory and Portable, Aging Cells
  EP/Lubricity Tester
  Methylene Blue Test Apparatus
  Mixers, Blenders, Magnetic Stirrers, and Accessories
  pH Meters, pH Probes, and Accessories
  Model 900 Automated Viscometer
  Capillary Suction Timers (CST)
  Sticking Tester
  Linear Swell Meter (LSM)
  Cement Autoclaves
  Mini-Macs and Max Analyzer Systems