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  Air Pressure Switches
  Air Operated Regulator with all its Spares
         Full Flow Hydraulic Operated Regulators with Spares
  Actuators (Pneumatic, Surface and Subsea)
  Air Cylinders (2 Pistons)
  Blast Joints
  Blowout Preventers (BOP) & its All Spares
  Air Junction Boxes
         Air Junction Boxes - Rectangular
         Air Junction Boxes - Round
  Air Pressure Transmitters - Hydraulic
  Air Coolers
  Air Compressors - All Types with Spares
  Bearings - All Makes
  Bettis Drill Pipe Protectors
  Bettis Products
  Blind Boxes
  Blowers with Spares
  Casing Hanger’s
  Crossovers & Fittings
         Hammer Union
  Casing Subs
  Custom Design & Manufacturing
  Controls Safety Systems
  Chokes & Kill Manifolds
  Chokes Positive & Adjustable
  Cementing Equipment
         Manual Fill Float Shoes - All Types
         Manual Fill Float Collars - All Types
         Insert Float Valves
         Thread Com
         Self-filling Float Shoes and Float Collars
         Inner-String Cementing Equipment
         Flotation Collar
         Centralizers - All Types
         Non-Welded Turbolizer
         Stop Collars
         Stage Cementing Collars & Equipment - All Type
         Inflatable Packers - All Type
         Fill and Circulate Tool
  Chain and Accessories
         Chain Merchandiser for Hardware
         Marine Chain and Accessories
         Specialty Chain and Accessories
         Chain Slings
         Custom Lifting Devices
  Control Systems
         Single Well Control Panels
         Multi Well Control Panels
         Subsea Control Systems
         Subsea IWOC Systems
         Process Control Panels
         Solar Powered Systems
         High-Low Pressure Pilots
         Safety System Field Instruments
         Pneu-Hydro Products
         Injection Systems
         CS7X Distributed Control & Remote Terminal Unit
  Cementing & Circulating Hoses
  Christmas Trees
  Casing Connections
  Casing Protectors
  Coiled Tubing Stripper
  Circulating Subs
  Camps/Porta Cabins - Living Accommodation for Offshore & Onshore
  Centrifugal Pump
         Pump Packing
  Casing Slips
         4 Taper or 3 Taper Available
  Casing Elevators / Spiders
         350 Ton - 14" Body
         500 Ton - 14" & 24-1/2" Bodies
         750 Ton - 14" & 24-1/2" Bodies
  Cable Glands, Adapters and Accessories
  Drilling Tools
         Milling Tools
         Coring Bits
         Rotary Subs
         Lifting Subs
         Drill Collars
         Drill Pipes
         Mud Guns
         Drilling Spools
         Drift Indicators
         Thick Wall Drill Pipe
         Drill Pipe Floats
         Stabilizer Blades
         Stabbing Guides
  Drilling Instrumentation
         Electronic Drilling Mud Monitors & Instrumentation
  Drilling Lubricants & Compounds
         Drilling Compounds
         API Compounds
         OCTG Compounds
         Valve Sealants’ & Lubricants
         Anti-Seize Compounds
         Thread Sealants’
         EP Greases
         Penetrants & Coatings / Cleaners & Degreasers
         Easy Clean Rig wash
         Injection Packings & Penetrants
         Thread Compounds & Lubricants
  Drilling System – Complete
         Casing Driver
         Down Hole Hammer
         Extractor Hammer
         Reverse Circulation Thread Pipe
         Dual Wall Pipe
         Air Inlet
         Under reamer
         Under reamer System Comparison & Size Chart
         Ring Bit System, Oiler, Perforator, Casing Cutter, Fishing
         URG Under reamer & Top Head Drive
  Drilling Hawk jaw
         Spin master
         Spinner hawk
         Gator hawk
         Kitty hawk
  Disc Springs
  Drilling Risers - Marine
  Drill Pipe
         Drill Pipe Thick Wall (TWDP)
  Deployment Bars
  Deployment Unions
  Down Hole Anchors
  Drilling Rig - Hydraulic Hoist Type
  Drilling Structures - Computer Analyzed
  Derricks & Offshore Masts
  Drill Collar Slips
         Short, Medium and Long Bodies
         For 3" - 14" Collar Sizes
  Drill Pipe Protectors
  Expansion Joints
  Elastomeric Replacement Parts
  Electric Meters
  Electric Pressure Switches
  Elevating Equipment
  Engineering Services at Field - Complete Drilling Equipment
  Elevators - All Kinds of with Spares
  Elevators Spiders
  Engine Parts for
         Detroit Diesel
         John Deere
         International (Navistar)
  Flow Couplings
  Fishing Tools
         Taper Taps
         Fishing Magnets
         Junk Baskets, Reverse Circulating
         Rotary Shoes
         Impression Blocks
         Wire line Grabs
         Junk Catchers
         Junk Mills
         Bumper Subs
         Die Collars
         Milling Shoes
         Overshot’s, Releasing and Circulating
  Flanges ANSI & API
  Flow & Level Instrumentation
         Field Mounted Indicators
         Flow Computers
         Batch Controllers
         Batch , Blending & Ratio Controllers
         Energy Management Computers
         Automated Loading Systems
         Hazardous Area & Field Enclosures
         Hammer Union
         Full Flow
  Flow heads
  Flange Crossovers
  Flange Fittings
  Flexible Hoses
  Flexible Connection Materials
         High Pressure Discharge Filters
         Low Pressure Suction Filters
  Fluid End Pump Parts
  Flex-Grip Power Slips Systems
         FG2 14" - 2-3/8" - 500 Ton
         FG3 20" - 2-3/8" - 500 Ton
         FG6 5" - 8-5/8" Work-Over Riser Pipe
  Flotation Machines
  Geotechnical Survey & Design
  Generators High Pressure
  Gas Pressure Booster Systems
         For BOP Control Systems
         Meters and Counters
         High Pressure
  Gas Drying Equipment
  Geophysical Logging Unit - Mobile
  Gas Filters
  Hammer Unions
  Hammer Lug Unions
         Butt Weld
         Sour Gas
  Hammer Union Crossovers
  Hammer Union Fittings
  Hose lifters
  Hydro Jets
  Hydro-Mechanical Ratchet Spears
  Heat Exchangers
  Hole Openers
  Hydraulic Seat Pullers
  Hinged Casing Spiders & Bowls
         500 Ton, 200 Ton, 100 Ton Capacities
         For Pipe Up to 36" Diameter
  Indexing Tools
  Instruments - All Kinds
  Knuckle Joints
  Kelly Square & Hexagonal
  Kelly Cocks
  Kelly Bushings and Parts
  Landing Nipples
  Line Pipe
  Long Life Swivel Joints
  Loop Assemblies
  Level Control
  Liner Equipment
         Liner Hangers
         RRP Liner Assembly
         TSP RRP Hangers
         Mechanical-Set Liner Hangers
         DT Hangers
         Setting Tools
         Pack off Bushings and Swab Assemblies
         Tandem Liner-Wiper Plug System
         Setting Collars
         Liner Float Equipment
         Set shoes
  Liner Packers
         L Rubber Liner Packer
         S Liner Packer
         SN-AT Liner Packer
         SN-HS Liner Packer
  Lighting Material - All Kinds of
  Marine Greases & Lubricants
  Mud Pit Fittings
         Seal-O-Grip Unions
         Hammer Seal Unions
  Manifold Systems
         Choke and Kill
  Manifold Fittings
  Mud Pumps/Well Servicing Pumps
  Mud Pumps Replacement Parts - All Kinds of Master Bushings and Bowls
         Pin Drive and Square Drive
         Hinged, Solid Body and Split Body
         Full Line of Insert Bowls
  Marine Products
         Defender System
         Rub Strips
         Dock Bumpers
         Zip-Out Closure
         Deck Mating System
  Mud Chemicals - All kinds of Magnetic Contactors
  Offshore Engineering & Construction Services
  Offshore Seismic Survey
  Oil Well Tools
         Spiders - All Types & Spares
         Full Circle Slips
         Tubing Spiders - All Types & Spares
         Power Tons - All Types & Spares
         Power Sukker Rod Tongs & Spares
         Manual Tongs
         Sukker Rod & Tubing Elevators
         Rod & Crane Hooks
         Elevator Links & Hooks
         Rod Type Sand Pumps - Cavins
         Hydrostatic Bailer - Cavins
         Multi-Surge Junk Snatcher
         Hydrostatic Tubing Bailer
         Turbo Bailer - Cavins
         Depthometers - Cavins
         Electronic Depthometer - Cavins
         Ball Lock Oil Saver
         Blow Out Preventer & Rod Stripper
         Cement Dumps
         Rubber Products & Accessories
         Convertible Cat-Line Grip
         "T" Safety Clamps
  Pressure Control
         Horizontal & Compact Degassers
         Hydraulic Service Chokes
         Choke Panels, Pressure Sensors & Guages
         Mud Gas Separators & Vacuume Recovery Systems
  Pipeline Construction & Engineering Services
  Pumping Units
  Pumps Gland Packing
  Piston Pumps - High Pressure
  Pumping Systems
  Pressure Vessels & Reactors & its Spares
  Pup Joints
  Pressure Pipe
  Pipeline Equipment
         Versatile, High Performance Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine through 48"
         Bare and Lined Bending Sets - Sizes 4" through 60"
         Rugged, pneumatic, hydraulic powered bending mandrels - Sizes 8" - 60"
         Urethane Pipe Roller Cradles - Sizes 6" through 60"
         Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamps - self powered - Sized 16" through 60"
         External Ratched Style and Hydraulic line-up Clamps
         Complete Line of Efficient Facing Machines - Sizes 8" through 60"
         Boring Machines and Auger
         Tough Caterpillar Pipelayers - Sizes 561 through 594
         Efficient 8" ditch Pumps powered by Caterpillar 3054 diesel Engine
         Pipe Lowering-in-belts and Slings
         Holiday Spy Detectors
         Pipeline Equipment Manufactured or modified to your exact specification
  Pipeline Gate Valves
  Pipeline Ball Valves
  Pumping Tree - Composite
  Pipe Fittings
         Full Flow
         Hammer Unions
         Heavy Duty
  Pumps - Duplex & Triplex with all Spares
         Quinuplex Pumps
         Horizontal Pumps
         Triplex Plunger Pumps
         Air Operated Pumps
         Air Operated Test Pumps
         Replacement Part of all above pumps - All Kinds of Pumps -Plunger & Piston with all Spares
  Pulsation Dampeners
  Pulling & Running Tools
  Positive Catch Spears
  Pipeline Surge Absorbers
  Pipeline Components
  Pig Launching & Receiving Unit
  Pig Tracking Systems
  Pig Popper
  Pipe Centering & Alignment Tools
  Packer-Bore System
         Receptacle Systems
         Packer Systems
         Seal-Bore Packer Systems
         Retrievable Packer Systems
         Gravel-Pack Packers
  Production Products
         Control Line Protectors
         Rod Stripper Holders
         Rod Stripper Rubbers
         Sucker Rod Guides
         Tubing Stripper Rubbers
         GW Type Packer Cups
  Pit Liner
  Ring Joint Gakets
  Rock Bits
  Rig Parts
         Crown Block & Mast with its all Spares - All Makes
         Blocks with its all Spares - All Makes
         Hooks with its all Spares - All Makes
         Swivels with its all Spares - All Makes
         Rotary Table with its all Spares - All Makes
         Brake System with its all Spares - All Makes
         Draw works with its all Spares - All Makes
         Mud Pumps with its all Spares - All Makes
         Oilfield Bearings - All Makes
         Brake Rims
         Rotary Table Parts
         Clutches & Parts
         Brake Bands
         Brake Blocks & Friction Material
         Mobile Rigs with its all Spares - Available Renown Makes
  Rig Packaging
  Rig Automation
  Rotary Slips
         Shore, Medium and Long Body
         3-/1, 4-1/2, 5, 5-1/2, 7 Body Sizes
  All Kinds of Rubber Products Custom Made
  Strainers "Y", Tee, Duplex, Simplex Basket & All Kinds of Strainers
         Fluid & Gas
  Solids Control Equipment
         High Speed Shale Shakers
         Single & Dual Fine Screen Shale Shakers
         Linear Shakers & Linear Scalping Shakers
         De Sander – De Silters
         Sand Silt Separators
         Mud Cleaners & Linear Mud Cleaners
         Complete Mud Systems
         Mud Agitators
         Pit Pumps
         Mud Hoopers
         Mud Hoopers, Hammer Bar Dumps, Mud Suction Valves
         Fluid Recovery Systems
         Mud Buckets
  Seals & Sealing Systems
         Oil Seals
         Inflatable Seals
         Mechanical Seals
         All kinds of Seals
  Cryogenic High Pressure Triplex Pumps for Cold End Assembly and their parts
  Spares for Direct and Indirect Heater Separators: FMC Invalco / Natco Make
  Lead and Tungsten Filled Sinker Bars and Redress Kits
  Cooler Fan’s and its parts: Make Air-X-Changer used on drilling Rigs & Platforms
  Casing Centralizers, Casing and Tubing Strippers etc
  Drift Records for Standard and Hot Well Applications
  Needle Valves: Carbon Steel and Stainless make, Choke Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves etc
  Ring Gaskets per API Specs – Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and any other special metal requirement
  Brakes: EC Elmagco Baylor Make
  Bayly Make: Telecommunication Spares
  Bearing Various Make: For Oil well Drilling Platforms and other applications
  BGS: Waukesha Engine Spares & Repair Kits
  Dresser Make: Valve Positioners, Smith Meters etc
  Cross Overs
  Metering Pumps: CVS Make
  Chains: For use in Oil Well Drilling and Production (Work Over)
  Underground Pipe and Cable Locators
  Hoses: Rotary, Vibratory, Steam – High Temperature & High Pressure
  Tongs: Tubing, Casing, Drill Pipe etc
  Pneaumatic Fuel Gas Shut Off Valves
  Conehead Core Barrel, Single Retrieval Cable: Formula Make
  FMC Make Valves, Weco, Union and used in the production line and refineries etc
  Gardner Denver Pump’s Spare Parts
  Gearench Petol Striking Wrench various Sizes: Equivalent to Cameron make etc
  Gefco Make: Circulating Heads, Workover Swivels, Rotary Heads, Elevators, Tongs etc
  Catheads and their Spares
  Cementing Heads and Swages – IRI Make
  Thread Compund for Drill Pipes and Tubings – OCRI Make
  Gas Lift Valves
  Valve Seat Puller Heads – Kandle Make
  Mud Can / Kelly Can / Mud Saver Boxes etc
  Accessories for Glycol Dehydration Units: Kimray Make
  Knox Western Low Pressure Gas Compressors Parts / Spares
  Production Packers: Permanent, Retrievable, Hydraulic Packers, Cement Retainers, Bridge Plugs etc
  Mud Pressure Gauges
  Valve, RRV, 2” Type A, B, C Reset Relief Valve: 1,500 to 5,000 PSI
  Omni Flow Computers and their Accessories
  Fuel Mag Filters
  Ridgid Make Chain Tongs
  SPM Make Swivel Joints
  Seismic Instruments Like: Seismographs, Magnetometers & VSP Systems