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Canister Separator (Model L-1CN)
The Canister Separator (Model L-1CN) is a bench top unit for high gradient, high intensity magnetic separation of fine liquid suspended particles. It is comprised of the following elements:
1. The standard laboratory separator base including mechanical and magnetic systems, which consist of:
a. A cast aluminum bench top structure with leveling feet, universal mounting elements for orienting the magnetic system with relation to gravity;
b. A magnet assembly consisting of coils mounted on iron core and yoke assembly. The standard separator base is common to the Frantz Isodynamic® Magnetic Separator (Model L-1), the Frantz® Magnetic Barrier Laboratory Separator (Model LB-1), and the Model L-1CN;
With the regulated power supply (Model EMS-150) field strength is variable from zero to about 15,500 to 16,000 Gauss for normal intermittent operation of the separator – turning off the current when magnetic particles are washed out and samples are changed. Field strength is measured in the canister with no matrix material in place. Field intensity is slightly higher when the canister is filled with stainless steel wool. At a field strength of 14 Kilogauss the stainless steel wool strands are magnetically saturated. Field strength at their collecting edges is substantially greater than background field strength. Field direction is transverse to the direction of fluid flow. Liquid suspended colloidal material having ferromagnetic to weakly paramagnetic susceptibilities can be separated with the equipment. Mixtures containing particles larger than about 45 microns are likely to cause clogging of a matrix of fine stainless steel wool. The system is designed for gravity flow. Alternatively a peristaltic pump can be used to produce slurry flow through the canister.