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Handheld 3-Axis Fluxgate Vector Magnetometers
1 nanotesla (0.01 milligauss) Resolution in +/-100,000 nanotesla (1 Gauss) Full Scale Range
+/-O.25% Basic Accuracy Traceable to NIST
Simultaneous Display of the Three Vector Components.
Operator Selectable Field Units (nanotesla, microtesla or milligauss)
Operator Selectable Vector Coordinate System (Rectangular or Polar)
Absolute or Relative Display Modes
Remote R5232 Operation
Two Analog Outputs per Axis
Three Data Storage Modes: Snapshot (7.5 s), Record (30 s) and Manual

The FVM4OO Vector Magnetometer is a new four-line by sixteen character display version of the FM3OO Vector Magnetometer (below). Like the FM300, it is a precision instrument for measuring the vector components of weak magnetic fields. The FVM400 will display all three vector components simultaneously.
Typical applications include:
Package Inspection
Materials Screening
Shielding Effectiveness
Field Mapping
Magnetic Environment Control
Magnetic Moment Measurement
Magnetic Signature Determination
The FVM4OO uses fluxgate technology to measure the three vector components of the magnetic field. The fluxgate sensors are packaged in a I-inch square by 4-inch long probe that is connected to the handheld electronics unit by a modular telephone cord. The sensor can be located up to 100 feet from the electronics unit.
In the Rectangular Coordinates mode1 the FVM40O displays the three components of the magnetic field vector. In the Polar Coordinates mode, the FVM4OO displays the magnitude and direction of the field vector.
Software Package
You can remotely control the FVM4OO through an R5232 connection to a serial port of a computer. Supplied with the FVM4OO is the FM3OO Front Panel tm software package. This package includes the FM3OO Front Panel program and the FM3OO Network Server.
With the FM3OO Front Panel program you can:
Control all the FVM400 functions
Download the FVM4OO data stored in its internal buffer
Strip chart FVM4OO data in real time
Save data to a text file for later retrieval or for further processing by, for example, a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel
Download data over the Internet from the FM3OO Network Server
With the FM3OO Network Server you can:
Continuously log FVM400 data to a file
Make data available to multiple users over the Internet
Control FVM4OO functions over the Internet