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Bartington Fluxgate Magnetometers
The Bartington MAG-01 single-axis fluxgate magnetometers offer the precision and versatility required for a wide variety of laboratory and geomagnetic survey applications. The light-weight meter can be powered by either 115/240VAC, 12VDC external power, or the built-in rechargeable lead/acid battery. It can be used with miniature axial or transverse fluxgate probes or a theodolite-mounted probe for high precision measurements of the geomagnetic field. The meter features a digital LCD display with ranging from 1nT to 2mT (dependent on probe), excellent linearity, superb temperature stability, and a low noise analog output. Bartington Model MAG-01H The MAG-01H single-axis magnetometer is an enhanced version of the MAG-01, with all of its features plus two sensitivity settings, resolution to 0.1 nT in its highest sensitivity, and offset control. The offset control allows a pre-selected field strength between 90 microT in 10 microT steps to be subtracted from the field experienced by the probe, enabling the greatest sensitivity to be used even in the presence of strong fields.