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µMAG Hand-Held Fluxgate Magnetometer
The µMag is a rugged, highly sensitive portable hand-held magnetometer that is ideal for field and laboratory measurement of DC and AC fields (up to 400 Hz, using the analog output). It measures from 1 nT (0.01 milligauss) to 0.2 mT (2000 milligauss) in three measurement ranges - ±0.2mT, ±0.02mT, ±0.002 mT (±2000, ±200.0, ±20.00 milligauss) with an accuracy of ±0.5% and linearity of better than ±0.02% on each range. Power is supplied by a 9 volt alkaline battery. Its fluxgate design means that no zero or gain adjustments are required. A ±2 volt buffered analog output is provided which can be used to drive a strip chart recorder or connect to an A/D system for data logging or looking at AC field data up to 400 Hz. Two versions of the unit are available - with and without a neutralization circuit to cancel the effect of the ambient field when making measurements. Each of the versions is available configured with either an axial or transverse probe. The µMAG-N, with neutralization circuit, enables use of the instrument's maximum sensitivity when looking at field changes. This is especially useful when determining the polarity of rocks in the field. The circuit is controlled by a polarity selector switch and a neutralization level control. Neutralization range is ±0.06 mT (±600 milligauss).