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Azimuth Pointing System (APS)
The APS is a GPS-based compass that provides accurate measurement of true-north azimuth as well as sub-meter GPS position. Azimuth determination is completely independent of the earth’s magnetic field and therefore is not affected by local magnetic anomalies. The APS also has an integrated inclinometer, which allows the system to provide a complete heading solution. APS can provide Accurate Orientation for:
· Field Instruments and equipment
· Geological Samples and Features
· Cell Tower Antennas or Satellite Dishes
The APS can be combined with a laser rangefinder, as shown in the above photo, to create a powerful all-in-one total station that does not require benchmarks or backsights to produce remote GPS coordinates. Since the APS is not affected by magnetic anomalies, it allows mobile mapping to be performed from a vehicle.