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Drafting & Map Making Equipment
The Vertical Sketchmaster is a mapmaking instrument that enables you to project an image onto a flat surface. It is typically used to superimpose an image, such as an aerial photograph, onto a map, such as a topographic map. A half-silvered, semi-transparent mirror, mounted at the front of the instrument, reflects light and also permits light to pass through it, enabling you to see the superimposed images of the photograph and the map. The photo image is reflected into an upright position by the large opague mirror. A lens, inserted in a clip below the mirror, can be used to adjust the size of the image and bring it into focus. Three adjustable legs can be used to correct for tilt and differences in scale. The instrument operates in daylight or by artificial lighting. The reflection-transmission ratio for the semi-transparent mirror is fixed. Adjustment of the light ratio between the photograph and map is made by varying the amount of light.