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New Rotating Paddle Consistometer-15-400
Our M15-400RP Pressurized Consistometer is able to test cement slurries at temperatures up to 400F/204C and pressures as high as 15,000 psig/103 MPa. The consistometer slurry cup assembly uses a rotating paddle and a stationary cylindrical slurry cup assembly / pressure vessel. Pressure is applied to the vessel using mineral oil and an air driven, hydraulic pump. A 1,500-watt heater surrounding the pressure vessel (aka slurry cup) supplies heat. This reliable, cast-in heater, provides the necessary heat power to quickly reach customer well demands. A bottom mounted, sidewall thermocouple is provided for determining the temperature of the cement slurry. The slurry cup paddle is rotated through the use of an AC, electric motor and magnetic drive unit. The rotational speed of the slurry cup is variable between 25 and 250 rpm to allow the user to study slurries at speeds other than the API prescribed speed of 150 rpm.