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Mu-Metal Shields & Degaussers
The S-6 shield assembly consists of six cylindrical mu-metal cans which can provide an ultra-low magnetic field space for sample storage or other experiments where a low field environment is required. The six cans are constructed of 0.025" AD-MU 80 alloy and are concentrically nested using foam rubber spacers. The entire assembly is supported on a laminate covered base. Listed performance specifications are based on on-site degaussing. Both the D-5 and D-2 degaussing accessories shown below are effective in degaussing the S-6 shield assembly.


Shield Dimensions: Inner - 6 1/8" x 21 1/8" long
Outer - 10 1/16" x 23 1/4" long
Overall Dimensions Including Base: 12" wide x 24" long x 12" high
Working Volume for 1nT or less Field: 5" dia. x 6" long
Working Volume for 10nT or less Field: 5" dia. x 12" long