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Automated Core Analysis System
The ASC Core Analysis System is an automated system for moving cores through the Bartington Instruments MS2C magnetic susceptibility coil and collecting data along the length of the core. Additional sensors that can also be added to the system include a multi-channel natural gamma detector and gamma attenuation analyzer. Each system can be tailored to the specific logging sensors and core dimensions desired by the customer. The standard system will accommodate core sections up to 5 inches in diameter and 5 feet long. It is of modular construction which enables easy break-down for shipping and addition of more track sections for longer cores or more sensors. The core sits on a semi-cylindrical fiberglass boat which is pulled through the sensor(s) using a stepping motor with power being transmitted to the boat via a Kevlar reinforced cog belt. The core boat rides on two rails covered with replaceable, low friction UHMWPE extrusion.