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D-2000 High-Performance AF Demagnetizer
The D-2000 (static) and D-2000T (tumbler or static) alternating field demagnetizers are designed for high-performance rock magnetics work. Standard features include 2000 Gauss (0.2 T) peak demagnetization field intensity, built-in ARM and partial ARM, and a computerized operator interface. The D-2000's offer all the features of high-quality manually controlled demagnetizers plus a graphical operator interface which facilitates system setup and operation. Different operators can use the D-2000's simply by recalling their favorite settings from disk. System upgrades are easily uploaded. Even tuning and diagnostics are simplified using the D-2000 software. Operator programmable settings are available for peak demagnetizing field intensity, decay rate, ARM intensity, PARM intensity, and PARM start and end points. Stepped demagnetizations and stepped ARMs and PARMs can be performed with a mouse click. Operators can even choose to work in either the S.I. or c.g.s. system of units. The D-2000 software helps the operator develop complex sample-processing procedures while minimizing errors. After the procedure is developed, it can be saved to disk for later use. The number of customized procedures is limited only by available disk space. Less experienced operators can simply recall a previously saved procedure, reducing their need for supervision. The D-2000 is a complete, computer-controlled, demagnetizing system offering peak AF intensities up to 0.2 T with built-in PARM and ARM. Rugged construction, attention to detail, and modular design help ensure long life, safe operation and easy access to important components for upgrade, tuning, and replacement.