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Thermal Specimen Demagnetizers

ASC's Model TD48 Thermal Demagnetizer features a large internal diameter oven and three-row sample boat for heating up to 48 one-inch diameter or one-inch cubic geologic samples in a single batch. The oven and adjacent fan-assisted cooling zone are housed in a three layer seamless magnetic shield which permits cooling of one batch while a second batch is heating. The cooling chamber has two additional shields which limit the maximum internal field to less than 10 gammas with the instrument oriented perpendicular to the earth's field. The oven has three independently controlled zones - a large sample zone and two small trimmer end zones - which minimize temperature gradients across the sample zone while keeping overall oven length to a minimum. The system was designed for long service life by incorporating features into the oven and sample boat that protect the internal oven wall from damage.

Controlled Field Coil

An optional controlled field coil encompassing the entire oven and cooling section is available. The coil is wound on a non-magnetic form fitted just inside the inner of the three full length shields. This coil will produce an axial field of approximately 1 Gauss per ampere of applied current with a maximum field of 10 Gauss. The power supply for the coil is not included. ASC can provide a power supply for an additional cost. Please contact our East Coast office at (800) 875-4272 or (401) 423-3537 for assistance in selecting a power supply which is best suited for your application.


Absolute Temp. Accuracy: 10°C
Temp. Repeatability: 1°C
Max. Temp. Gradiant: 10°C Total Over 16" Sample Region of Oven Chamber with Full Sample Load.
3°C Attainable with Partial Sample Load
DC Field in Heating Chamber: Less than 50 nT (Gammas), When system is Oriented in East-West Direction
DC Field in Cooling Chamber: Less Than 10 nT (Gammas), 2-5 nT Typical
Heating Time: 48 Specimens From 25°C to 600°C in 45 Minutes
Cooling Time: 48 Specimens From 600°C to 40°C in 25 Minutes
Power Requirements: 115 VAC, 30 AMPS
Size: Oven Unit - 72" (183 cm) L x 16" (40.5 cm) W x 13" (33 cm) H
Control Unit - 17" (43 cm) W x 15" (38 cm) D x 7" (18 cm) H