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Sticking Tester
The Differential Sticking Tester measures the "stuck pipe tendency" of drilling fluids and determines how effective lubricants might be in any given fluid. By measuring the area of cake building during a test, the Bulk Sticking Coefficient is obtained and read directly at the conclusion of the test. This coefficient takes into account both the friction, or "stickiness" of the filter cake, as well as the amount of cake building that would occur to stick the pipe in the hole. How likely a given fluid is to produce a "stuck pipe" situation and how effective a given treatment may be can be immediately determined on site. The unit is normally pressurized by a CO2 assembly, but any nitrogen source will work. The standard test uses 477.5 PSI (3,291 kPa) applied to a stainless steel vessel of approximately 200 mL. Both a flat-faced plate and a plate of 12.5" spherical radius that simulates the pipe inside casing or collars in the borehole are provided.