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Capillary Suction Timers (CST)
The capillary suction time test was developed at the Water Pollution Research Laboratory in Stevenage, England, for studying the filterability of sewage sludge and for evaluating the effects of pre-treatment chemicals and process conditions of sewage treatment. It has been widely used to study the colloidal properties of clay suspensions. The petroleum industry uses the Capillary Suction Timer to characterize shales and to optimize the electrolyte concentration in drilling fluids for minimizing its effect on shale formations. The Capillary Suction Timer studies of filtration characteristics of aqueous systems utilize the capillary suction pressure of a porous paper to affect filtration. When a suspension is filtered under the influence of this suction pressure, the rate at which filtrate spreads away from the suspension is controlled predominately by the filterability of the suspension. The CST automatically measures the time for the filtrate to advance between radially separated electrodes when a fixed area of special filter paper is exposed to the suspension.