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Model 900 Automated Viscometer
A high tech testing instrument doesn't have to be difficult to use or maintain. Take a look at the Model 900 and one word comes to mind - simple: simple to operate, simple to calibrate, simple to maintain. As a stand-alone field unit, the press of a single button prompts the viscometer to perform standard API test sweeps for your choice of mud or cement rheologies. Custom programs can even be downloaded to the unit and started with the touch of a button. Standard speeds (i.e. 600 RPM, 300 RPM, etc.) are also provided as single button operations on the keypad. Need a specific shear rate? Just enter the parameters on the numbered keypad and press 'Enter', and the instrument automatically adjusts to the correct rpm. Have a need for advanced research and demanding test parameters? Just hook up a computer to the Model 900 and turn it into a fully automated system that includes complete data acquisition using OFITE's exclusive ORCADA™ software.