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pH Meters, pH Probes, and Accessories
Field measurements of drilling fluid and filtrate pH are fundamental to drilling fluid control. Clay interactions, solubility of components and contaminants, and overall effectiveness of additives are all dependent upon pH. Acidic and sulfide corrosion control is also closely monitored by keeping a close watch on pH values. Solutions with a pH value less than 7 are termed "acidic" and those with pH values greater than 7 are termed "basic" or "alkaline," while pH7 is considered "neutral." The easily operated ACORN 5 portable pH and temperature meter provides precise readings with a 0.01 pH resolution over the full 0-14 pH range. Equally suitable in the field, plant, laboratory or classroom, this compact, rugged unit is battery operated and has an LED display. The IQ125 Pocket pH Meter feature silicone chip pH sensors, eliminating the problems associated with fragile glass bulb sensors. The IQ125 provides a 2-12 pH range, a 0.1 resolution, and a 0.1 accuracy. For those desiring extreme portability, there are the popular Pocket pH Testr™ microprocessor-based instruments with a 0.1 pH resolution and a 0.2 pH accuracy. These models feature a large, easy-to-read display with push button operation and calibration.