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Permeability Plugging Apparatus (PPT)
The Permeability Plugging Tester (PPT), is a modification of the 500 mL HTHP Filter Press. The instrument is used for running filtration tests on plugging materials without the interference of particles settling on the filter medium. Typical differential pressures are much higher than those seen in standard HTHP filtration testing. The pressure cell is the same as that used on the HTHP Filter Press, but it is inverted with the filter and receiver on top. Several filter media may be used, such as ¼" thick fused aluminum oxide disks, conventional filter paper, or sintered metal filters. The cell is pressurized with hydraulic oil (#171-96-1). A floating piston separates the oil from the test fluid within the pressurized cell. The conventional cell may be operated to 2,000 PSI by using hardened steel set screws to secure the end caps. For elevated pressures, OFITE has designed a special cell with a working pressure of up to 4,000 PSI, pressurized with the conventional hydraulic pump.