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Turbidi Meters
The LaMotte 2020we Portable Turbidity Meter combines laboratory accuracy and reliability in an extremely compact, portable instrument for turbidity measurement. It is the ideal choice for regulatory monitoring, process water testing, and environmental water analysis in the field or laboratory. With a wide range of 0 - 4,000 NTUs (Nephelometric Turbidity Units), a microprocessor enables full scale auto-ranging. The direct digital readout has a resolution of 0.01 for the lowest range, with an accuracy of ±2% (0 - 100 NTU) or ±3% (> 100 NTU). A multi-detector optical configuration assures long term stability and minimizes stray light and color interferences. All readings are determined by the process of signal averaging over a 5-second period. This process minimizes fluctuations in readings attributed to large particles and enables rapid, highly repeatable measurements. The unit is supplied with a 9-volt alkaline battery, an AC power adapter, four optically selected sample vials with screw caps, a standardization package of 1.0 NTU and 10.0 NTU standards, and a sturdy carrying case. A USB port is provided to interface with a datalogger or computer. An optional filter assembly is also available. The calibration procedure is simple and involves activating the up or down keys until the reading matches the standard. The microprocessor adjusts the factory programmed calibration curve accordingly. Line operation is 115-volt / 60 Hz or 230-volt / 50 Hz, 100 mA with included adapter.