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Brine Testing Equipment
The Brine Test Kit is an accurate test to determine the weight percentage of calcium, zinc, bromide, and chloride in brine solutions. The specific gravity of the undiluted brine sample is required to calculate the results, so a mud balance or hydrometer set is required for the test (sold separately). The procedure is designed to test brines containing no undissolved solids, and if these are present, the solution must be filtered before it is analyzed. The test procedures are made with a 1:5 dilution of the original brine sample, and involve two separate procedures, one for calcium and zinc, and another procedure for chloride and bromide. Included is a procedure to check the analytical values obtained from the test procedures by comparing the moles of calcium and zinc verses the moles of bromide and chloride. This procedure verifies the calculations and is also useful to check for contamination by other salts such as sodium or potassium chlorides.