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Air Junction Boxes
The present invention is an electrical outlet or junction box designed to prevent air interchange through the box between room and wall space. One beneficial side effect of the drastic increase in energy costs of the past decade has been the increased emphasis on energy conservation. This has perhaps been most visible in transportation related industries where dramatic improvements have been made. However, improvements of equal magnitude have been made in many commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. If residential buildings can be taken as an example, building codes in many areas now require energy saving measures such as full wall and ceiling insulation, and double or triple pane window glass. Many innovative builders have adopted measures for energy conservation that go well beyond any required by building codes. The major portion of heat lost from a building occurs by conduction through walls and ceilings when the interior temperature is higher than the outside environment. During the summer months, when air conditioning is frequently used, the opposite situation will prevail and the major source of heat entry will be through walls and ceilings. However, a very significant amount of energy loss occurs by convective air interchange between the interior and outside of a building. In some newer structures that are very well insulated the conductive losses have been reduced to the point that convective losses comprise the majority of the heat loss. Weather stripping around doors and windows has been used for many years and is an effective way of reducing air interchange. Many other entry points for outside air are not so well rcognized. As one example, relatively few builders caulk or seal the area between mud sills and foundation even though this is a major point of air interchange. Any opening cut into an inside wall provides another access point for cold winter or warm summer outside air. Openings for electrical outlet or junction boxes are prime zones for this type of air interchange.