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Air Pressure Switches
Air pressure switches control air flow and pressure in response to pneumatic pressure. When an air pressure switch is actuated, it will open or close to interrupt or continue the flow or current involved. Depending on the application, an air pressure switch may be set to a certain point of pressure or actuation point to which it will automatically respond. Air pressure switches are widespread and versatile. These switches come in a variety of forms, including as a sensor or chip, a transducer, a meter, a gauge, or a controller. Air pressure switches are able to work in gas, electric current, and liquid pressure situations, individually or in combination. Air pressure switches are especially useful because they are a safe and cost-effective alternative to safety relief valves. Air pressure switches, unlike safety relief valves, can detect when pressure begins to leak during operation and will automatically shut down the process until the trouble is fixed and an operator restarts the operation. Air pressure switches have a variety of uses in many different industries. Because they are designed to handle different situations, they are useful for applications such as filters, blowers, generators, off-road equipment, compressors, turbines, wastewater applications, panels, and pipelines.