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AKV Enterprises
Single source for a complete range of any product..

We are a growing suppliers for Oil field, Power Plants (Gas/Steam) Equipments, Production, Drilling, Exploration, Reservoir Engineering, Mechanical Equipment, Tubeless Tyres/OTR, Mineral Separation, Geology, Paleomagnetism, Carbon Dating, Well Logging, Perforation, Oil-Well Cement Testing Instruments, Mud Testing & Drilling Fluid Equipments, Drilling Fluids, Automated Microscopes and it’s spare parts operating in many of the major oil and natural gas producing regions of the Indian territory. We provide a wide range of equipments to oil and natural gas companies & to the above mentioned respective fields.

We focus on offering technologically advanced equipment and services at competitive prices, which we believe allows us to successfully compete against both major oilfield services companies and smaller, independent service providers. We offer our customers specialized equipment and service solutions.

We believe that the combination of our competitive pricing and our strong emphasis on quality & safety has always helped us to remain in the market from the last 14 years. We also believe our ability to provide multiple services allows us to maximize efficiency, reduce lead times and provide cost effective solutions for our customers.

We identify and pursue markets where we can capitalize on our competitive advantages to establish a significant market presence. Since 1995, our operations have expanded from and now we cover many countries from Canada and USA including our various office in India.

Our customer base has grown during these years and we serve over 100 customers today. The majority of our customers are regional, independent Oil and Natural Gas Companies, Power Plants, Institutes, IIT’s, Government & Semi Government Departments and many Private Companies.

Our Business Strategy

We intend to grow our revenue and profitability by pursuing the following business strategies:
  • Expand Our Operations and Market Presence. Our growth strategy is to expand on operations by leveraging our solid relationships with existing customers. We intend to continue to establish new service centers as our customers expand their operations into new markets. We further intend to selectively pursue acquisitions of products that complement our existing operations or allow us to enter new markets. We also expand our operations by hiring qualified personnel in new markets where we can capitalize on our competitive strengths.
  • Emphasize Our High Value, Single Source Approach. We create value for our customers by developing and offering technologically advanced multiple supply services comparable to major suppliers, but typically at lower prices & timely deliveries. We believe our ability to provide multiple services also creates an advantage over others by providing customers with a single source for a complete range of any product.